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Pest Control Brisbane

Pest control services backed by our 12-month warranty. 
Austech provides professional pest control services to the greater Brisbane, Ipswich, and logan region.  We are an industry-leading pest control business that delivers on our promises.  

Our technicians are BSA licensed and insured to ensure your 100% satisfaction. All of our pest services also come with a 12-month warranty. 
12 Month Warranty On All Services
100% Satisfaction Promise
Licensed, Insured, Friendly Technicians.

Why Pest Control Brisbane?

Most people in Brisbane have experienced problems due to pests in their homes. In most cases, these pests are tolerated because homeowners are unaware that there are both environment and chemicals methods for the control of these unwanted pests. At Austech Carpet Steam Cleaning and Pest Management Brisbane we will take the time to talk to you about all your options when it comes to pest control and management.

Most household pests can be controlled, or at least significantly reduced by some basic procedures carried out by the house owner. Even when our chemicals are used, some basic procedures will complement the work carried out by our technicians which ensure that your home will be pest free for a longer period of time. We can provide this information to help you when we perform our initial inspection to your home.

How Austech Pest Control Can Help

Austech Pest Control in Brisbane provides pest prevention and treatment everywhere in Brisbane & Ipswich. Household pests may be difficult to eliminate. If you're reading this, then chances are that you have tried some of the DIY pest control are pretty good, and you have had moderate to no success; DIY pest control is sufficient for a few species of insects; other pests warrant substantial chemical treatments. If your home has a pest problem, then opting to have a licensed exterminator take care of your home or office is a wise choice. Pests in Brisbane may be a considerable issue for Southeast Queensland homeowners. Being sure to eliminate bugs and rodents is vital for your family's health and prevents property damage. If you speculate your home or office might have an issue with pests and want expert pest removal guidance, our crew is standing ready and eager to answer any questions you have for them.

Anything from quaint residences to massive commercial structures, our technicians will help remove those pesky pests from your property for good. We guarantee that we will perform the work correctly the first time to avoid unnecessary repeat visits.

We treat rats and mice, ants, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, and silverfish. We even remove the less common intrusive species such as wasps and bees, birds, spiders, and opossums.

Our expertly trained pest control technicians are available everywhere in Brisbane Northside, Southside, East, West, and Ipswich. So what are you waiting for? Get the protection you need today before it's too late!

Austech's pest control removal is 100% assured to work. Our technicians have been removing pests in commercial and domestic properties for many years. In addition, every single one of our pest technicians maintains up-to-date pest control licenses from Queensland Health. Therefore, you have the assurance that all of our pest control actions and expert exterminators handle things like fumigation in such a way that they are safe for use in your home or business without any unnecessary downtime. From pest prevention and extermination right into pre-purchase inspections. Your home or office (and the people within them) are guaranteed the most high-grade assistance, attentive and thorough customer service, and objective, expert information.

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